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The ChemE car team is similar to a robotics team. However, instead of a mechanically/electrically based system, our small cars are both fueled and stopped by chemical reactions. We compete in Regionals once a year, where we are given a target distance one hour before competition time. In that hour, our team modifies the specific power and stopping reactions in hopes of getting as close to the target distance as possible in two minutes or less. The closest cars, along with their teams, continue on to Nationals.

Our team consists of a Chassis group and a Stopping & Power group. Chassis receives the necessary training for building the car, and Stopping & Power receives lab safety training for testing the stopping and power reactions. Also keep in mind that there is typically an electronic component to the Stopping & Power team, in which you can choose to participate if you are interested.

We are currently working on a few different fuel cells, seeing which ones may viable options for the competition!

Given they spend a specified time in the lab/at meetings, members can choose to receive one unit of ECH 98/ECH198 credit per quarter provided they fill out and turn in the paperwork by the given deadline. This can go towards upper division Chemical Engineering elective credits.

If you have any questions, or would like to join, feel free to contact us at ucdchemecar@gmail.com



  • Research and Development

    Sept - Oct 2016

    Researching fuel cells and performing calculations

  • Finalize Research and Development

    Nov 2016

    Two week break from meetings to write protocols.

  • Experimentation

    Nov 2016 - Feb 2017

    Perform lab work on fuel cells

  • Fuel Cell Trials

    Feb - Mar 2017

    Run trials on two final fuel cells

  • Regionals

    Apr 2016

    Regional Chem-E-Car competition

Get in contact with us!

Contact any of our student team leads below!

Daniela Ivey

Team Captain


Lauren London

Team Manager


Matthew Cheung

Stopping and Power Lead


Lane Stephens

Chassis Lead


Or contact our advisors and additional contributors!

Dr. Kuhl



Dr. Toney



Thomas Harrelson

Graduate Student